Solar TimeLINE

Steps & Timeline

Step 1: Site Survey Final Design (1 Week)

Following your site survey, the information will be sent to a design team to put together the final plans for your solar system.  Based on the results of your site survey, capacity needs, and any design preferences, we’ll make sure you receive the most efficient solar energy system that maximize your savings. 

Step 2: Permitting (2-6 weeks)

There may be several organizations that oversee the size, placement, design, and installation of your solar energy system, including your local building department and HOA (if applicable).  Your installer will work on your behalf to define the requirements in your area and secure all necessary permits and approvals. The timeframe is much dependent upon the specific city & jurisdiction and their speediness to approve permits.  

Step 3: Installation (1-2 Days)

Once all permits and approvals are in place, your installer will work with you to find an installation date that fits your schedule. Most installations can be completed in 1-2 days. We work with the best solar installers in your area to ensure your installation is skillful, timely, and precise. 

Installation materials include racking equipment, wiring, solar panels, and solar inverters.


Step 4: Final Inspection (1-2 Weeks)

Inspections are required to ensure that your solar energy system meets safety regulations and zoning laws as well as electrical, building, and fire codes in your area. While some jurisdictions may call for an inspection during the installation, all jurisdictions require a final inspection before you power on your savings. Either way, your installer will handle all of the logistics and alert you when it’s time to schedule your inspection.

Step 5: Permission To Operate (2-3 Weeks)

After your installation is complete and has passed final inspections, we will apply for “Permission to Operate” from your electricity provider. In most cases, a representative will visit your home to ensure that your solar energy system meets safety and metering guidelines, and to install a new bi-directional energy meter capable of tracking both the energy you produce and the energy you use. 

Step 6: Activate Your System (20 Minutes)

When you’re ready, your instaler guide you through the process to activate your solar energy system. It takes about ten minutes and requires little more than flipping a switch. Please DO NOT activate your system before you have been granted Permission to Operate. This may result in additional costs and/or fines from your electricity provider.

Once your system is active, you’ll be able to track system performance and energy savings right from the App, though it may take a few days for your data to appear. This is also when Palmetto Protect kicks into gear.   


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